How to Prepare Your Property for Sale

Showcasing your home in the best way requires a step-by-step guide. The aim of showcasing your home is to attract potential buyers. Begin by evaluating each room. Make a list of personal items you want to be removed and write down any renovations you want to be done. This will give you a better idea of what you wish to update or replace.

The first step is to remove all clutter. A space that has fewer items appears bigger. Remove all personal items in your rooms, and perhaps add a few modern touches like plants, portraits, or anything that will add character to the rooms. Make it as minimalist as possible. This allows potential buyers to envision the home as their own.

While your property is in the market, clean your home regularly. This makes it easier for you when buyers want to come for a viewing. It saves you time and money.

Let’s begin in the living room. There are many simple ways to keep your living room clean. Your coffee table is the centre of your living room. Make sure you always polish your coffee table, to keep it looking new. Your ceiling fan accumulates dust quite regularly, so a good dust every second or third day will do. If you have side tables in the room, give them a nice wipe and polish. If you’re a smoker, remove all ashtrays in the room and ensure there’s no smoke odour lingering in the room. Replacing your cushions and throws can be done every week or so, depending how often the space gets used. Replace your cushion covers and throws with vibrant colours and modern styles, adding character to the room.

The dining room is the place where you and your family get together over supper time. You might want to remove all personal items like family portraits or ornaments. Keep the table and chairs polished. If you have a chandelier hanging in your dining room, dust it off or even change the light bulbs for better lighting. Remove all items on the dining table, and leave the centrepieces as decoration. Adding placemats or a table runner can add extra character to the table. Remember – less is more! The less clutter you have on the table, the better.

When you get to the kitchen, make sure to remove all appliances like kettles, toasters, coffee machines, etc. Wipe the kitchen cupboards down both inside and outside. Reorganize your cupboard space, and discard all unwanted items. Scrub your countertops and your stovetop. Also, make sure to clean your oven inside and outside; potential buyers are known for peeping inside the oven. Don’t forget to focus on removing the grout in the grooves and hidden spots. Wipe your fridge down inside and outside. Remove all personal items on your fridge. Empty your dirt bins and clean the sink. Give the floor a quick sweep and polish, leaving your kitchen spotless.

Your bedrooms are personal spaces. Remove all personal belongings off surface tops. Polish your dressers, bedside tables, and lamps. Replace your bedding with vibrant and modern styles. Remember – less is more!

Your bathrooms should be kept spotless. Remove all personal items. Scrub the bath and shower, making sure to remove all stains and mould. Put out your best towels and cloths. Buy a new mirror to add character.

Once you’ve prepared the inside of your home, start on the outside. Give the walls a repaint, replace the front door, fix broken window frames, sweep, tidy the patio and pool area, and dust off the outside furniture.

Your garage is probably the most cluttered place on your property. Tidy the space, put all tools in storage, remove all empty or old items like tins, reorganize the area to reduce clutter, and give your garage a good sweep.

The garden might need some attention. Spend one day mowing the lawn, leaving grass neat and presentable. Trim the bushes and tidy the plants. Remove all dead plants, and add a few new colourful plants.

You probably think this seems like way too much maintenance. Trust me; the best-maintained homes stand a better chance of attracting potential buyers and being sold. All your time and efforts will be worth it.

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