Home Update before Selling

A new coat of paint, change of blinds, new lighting covers, and some fresh plants might seem like minor updates, but the value they’ll add to your home is priceless.

Consider painting your rooms. A lighter coat of paint can uplift your spaces. Adding a new colour adds size to your rooms. Opt for lighter and softer colours, and makes your rooms appear larger. Neutral and pastel paints are popular. They’re suitable for all seasons. Your antique room can be transformed into a modern space in just one layer.

Updating your bathroom tiles can make a huge difference. Give the bathroom tiles a modern paint. Paint both floor and wall tiles. It’s a cost-effective upgrade option compared to replacing all the bathroom tiles. It requires less labour, and you can do it yourself. Update from curtains to blinds, or perhaps add new ceiling lights to add character. Replacing your bathroom mirror is a modern update too. If you haven’t updated your cabinet doors and handles since you’ve moved in, now is the perfect time to do so! Paint or replace the doors and handles to something more modern. Remove any unnecessary shelving that may cause the bathroom to appear cluttered. Try simplifying your bathroom, like changing your storage units, etc.

Your kitchen is the centrepiece of your home. It’s the place you spend most of your time in. Update your countertops or cabinets. Change your ceiling lighting to something more modern, like downlights, for example. Add some fresh plants in your kitchen; they promote a healthy environment. Swap out your blinds for a slimmer, modern design.

Lighting is an eye-catcher. People tend to look up when they’re in a new space. Adding new light bulbs or lighting covers can add character and highlight certain parts of a room. It illuminates the flooring, walls, and other room surfaces.

Focus on window finishes. Swap your curtains for blinds, perhaps even swap out your old blinds for new ones if needed.

You might want to consider changing your heavy dark carpets for laminated flooring or polishing the floorboard underneath the carpets.

Once you’ve completed all interior updates, take a look outside and see what needs to be updated. If you have a garden, remove all dead plants, and garden statues that might cause clutter. Get rid of old tiles, bricks, unused building material, and other rubble in the garden area.

If you don’t have a garden, consider landscaping as an update option. Adding greenery automatically updates the appearance of any home, and will attract potential buyers.

Spend a few days painting the outside of your home. Choose a modern colour scheme. Avoid outrageous colours and stick to contemporary and bold colours. These colours are neutral and won’t outdate, saving the new owner money and time.

If you feel that your home doesn’t need painting, then an outside clean will do the trick. Using a high-pressure cleaning hose, you can clean your walls, concrete, and roof tiles. Your home will look like a new one in no time.

Privacy is a top priority for homeowners. Everyone measures the security factor when buying a home. If you don’t have a fence, now is the time to add one. It will add character to your property and guarantee the security factor for potential buyers.

When you’ve completed your exterior home updates, take a final look around for finishing touches you want to add like a letterbox, a bench, or a seat for the patio. You can also change the window frames, or update the front door.

After all this is done, start looking for a real estate agent.

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