How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real estate agent isn’t as easy as one-two-three. There are important factors that play a role when choosing the right agent. An estate agent is a professional who offers guidance for a successful deal. Considering their expertise and skills in the field will determine how successful your property deal will be. Employing an experienced agent is beneficial for both the buyer and seller. 

Real state agent in suit
  • Research: Do some research about agents in your area. Find out what services they offer. This will give you a good idea if their profile matches your needs. Knowing their sales success ratings is crucial. It will tell you how well they sell. Compare their customer ratings and prices. Once you’ve thoroughly done your research, then you can start narrowing the agents down and choose the one that fits your needs. 
  • Knowledge: Are they clued up about property, are they popular in your area, do they know when the best times are for selling, are their prices fair, and is their sales technique strategic in attracting buyers. All of these questions will give you an insight into their skills and expertise. 
  • Performance: Attend a few showcases in your area that the agent is hosting. Take careful note of their interaction with people and whether they’re friendly or not. Observe their approach to potential buyers. Is the agent open to answering questions from people? Also, to what extent does the agent go to closing the deal?
  • Results: Take into consideration their sales success, and the number of property deals the agent has already closed in your area. This is a good indication of how skilled the agent is. 
  • Compatibility: Are they committed to helping you achieve your needs and goals? This is important because you want an agent that has your best interest at heart and also who strives to satisfy your needs and goals. 
  • Advertisement: Find out what advertisement platforms the agent uses to attract buyers. The more platforms they use the better chance you stand on getting a buyer. 
  • The fine print: Don’t be in a rush to sign paperwork with an agent until you’re informed about every little clause. It’s important to understand the fine print so that you know what you’re signing up for. This will eliminate all unexpected costs in the long run. 
  • Trust: After all your research, choosing an agent comes down to trust. Employ an agent that you can trust. If you’re having any doubts about an agent, then that’s not the agent for you. Trust is important in this game as it will determine the success rate of the deal. It’s also an important factor to consider as it lays the foundation of the relationship between yourself and your agent. 
Trust is important in every real estate deal

Along with these factors, there are some questions you can ask the agent:

  1. How many years of experience do you have?
  2. What methods will you use to get the best price for my home?
  3. Will I deal exclusively with you through the process? 
  4. How many new properties have you sold in my area?
  5. What is the value of my home? 
  6. How do you calculate the property value of my home?
  7. Which selling platforms do you use?
  8. What qualifications do you have?
  9. How often do you get feedback from buyers after you advertise?
  10. What does your fee structure look like?
  11. What extra costs do you charge?

Considering the above factors, choosing a real estate agent is made easy for you. You are fully equipped with the tools to evaluate the agent and decide whether they’ll be a good fit for you or not. 

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